Casual visiting rates open days
We are closed until further notice as a covid19 precaution, we apologise for any inconvenience.  If a special visit is required please contact Glynn details below.

Casual visitor rates:
Individual: $5.00
Children 12 and under are FREE

Group Visits:
Seniors, School & Education Groups, Non-waged.
School groups under 16 years of age must have a ratio of 1 adult to 6 students.

Adults: $5.00 per person
Children: Under 12 Free

To discuss your booking call Glynn Babington 476-4419 or 021 244-5449 , book online or email

The Dunedin Gasworks Museum is part of the now closed Dunedin Gasworks which was New Zealand’s first and last gasworks, operating from 1863 until 1987. It is one of only three known preserved gasworks museums in the world. This is a significant local and world heritage site.

The Dunedin Gasworks Museum



Museum Address:
20 Braemar St,
Dunedin South,

Tel: +64 3 455 5063

Postal Address:
Dunedin Gasworks Museum,
C/o 92 Helensburgh Rd,
Wakari, Dunedin 9010.

Opening Times:

Closed until further notice until Covid 19 restrictions are lifted. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Other times by arrangement